Beauty production

Beaumax is a consulting production and company specializing in beauty.

ONE-STOP meets a wide range of beauty needs with experience in handling more than 100 brands in various distribution channels,
including skincare, make-up, and hair brands of major cosmetics companies.

We are particular about professionals.
As an expert in beauty, we promise you the best solution from the attitude of working to the output.

Beauty expert

We develop, produce, and provide high-quality services and high-value beauty content using our unique skills accumulated over many years.

Beaumax's greatest strength is its unique management method and beauty experts carry out everything from planning to implementation which is a significant differentiation from other companies.

One Stop Solution

ONE-STOP meets all beauty needs and issues.

Beaumax way

Beauty direction
Design / Creative
Beauty&Cosmetics Experts
Business / Marketing


Our core business is structured into 3 main pillars: Staffing, Creative and Consulting.

  • Consulting

    • Branding
    • Product Planning and Development
    • Business Model
    • Beauty Theory and System
    • IT Solution
    • Education System and Method
  • Staffing

    • Make-up Artist
    • Director
    • Hairstylist
    • Beautician
    • Model and Influencer
    • Beauty Staff
  • Creative

    • Beauty Software and Content
    • Design (2D・3D・Space・WEB)
    • Visual Movie and 3DCG

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We have received orders from over 100 cosmetics brands both in Japan and overseas.
Please contact us for details of our works.

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Our atelier functions as a photo studio, hair salon and design studio, and promises high-quality output.

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We are looking for people with expertise in various fields.

Urgently Needed

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